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The missing updates of this week

There’s some advice I’ve been given: never make a decision when you are tired, sick, or sad. So contracting a nasty cold in the middle of a major relocation is probably the worst possible time to look for apartments. Resting. That’s what I’ve been doing. Read more →

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

[View the story "Are we there yet?" on Storify] Starting to wonder if these little letters home should double as evening to-do lists, much as my morning pages serve as morning to do lists. Today was something of a bust, with only a 50% success rate. I needed to do two things: 1)cancel our Comcast server and 2)retrieve our electric… Read more →

The suburbs are easy to spot: they have all the open parking spaces

Number of wardrobe malfunctions: 3 Number of beneficial wardrobe malfunctions: 1 Number of apartments lined up for viewing: 5 Number of apartments actually seen: 4 Number of apartments walked out on immediately: 1 Number of apartment managers late for their own open house: 2 Number of apartments just driven by because we saw the neighborhood and thought “Oh hell no:”… Read more →

“You have an old soul.” “It’s just mature for its age.”

Boogity shops visited: 2.5 Stops at Fry’s electronics: 2 Outraged public rants about suddenly, unnecessarily gendered Nerf and Lego toys: 1 Farmer’s market: 1 Tours of current complex: 0 (for the unfamiliar, that’s a Daria quote) The bug Mike and I caught was much worse for me today – sore throat, need to sleep but can’t quite, and a nasty,… Read more →