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#13dayofmagic – the one with the story to it, about Yemaya

For those of you curious, #13daysofmagic (goes to Facebook hashtag, for the ah, allergic to Twitter) is actually an endeavor led by Devin Hunter over at Modern Witch. Since usually during a move my spirituality goes by the wayside first, I saw this as a great opportunity to kick my own practice into gear.  Most of it is routine, but… Read more →

Update from the Sea Side Palace

This is definitely going to be tl;dr for some of you. My summary: I am getting things taken care of, but this is a lonely time that is really about me, and about getting my partner to pick and choose what to “fix.” Too much fixing feels like control, and we know I take to that…poorly. Note: if you do… Read more →

A letter to my younger self

Years ago, a high school teacher made us write letters to our future selves, warbling about how high school was “the best day of our lives!” Clearly it had been the best days of her life. As many people know, it was anything but the best days of my life and I knew it at the time. I don’t remember… Read more →

I’m part of San Francisco now… Safeway managers are the WORST

There’s a Safeway in walking distance of my apartment. Desperate for human contact that wasn’t a)Mike or b)me yelling coaching comments to the guitar player beneath me, I decided to go over there to get a few small things for dinner. It was after 8 pm, the line was long, and cashiers few. A man started screaming at a cashier… Read more →