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My comments on the latest copyright fiasco and my own past foul-up

This is prompted by a recent copyright violation scandal that Elysia Gallo has written about at the Llewellyn blog here and here. There’s a popular – and dead wrong – interpretation of copyright that suggests even gifting someone a book you’ve already read constitutes copyright theft. Somehow this thinking gets associated/confused with the whole “I’ll post this entire work online… Read more →

The changing scape of copyright and the occult writer

Copyright infringement is practically a venerable occult tradition. Francis Barrett plagiarized  Agrippa, Agrippa essentially got an entire fourth book/fanwork attributed to him on top of that, and there have been scandals through the ages about ideas in occult circles being stolen, secrets let out and work being outright yanked to print in books and on webpages. Most of these scandals… Read more →