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On Sorority, on Fraternity

This statement from some of the women on the Pan Hellenic council is more than just a breath of fresh air: it’s a “where have you  been for the last thirty years?” To be clear, I have never joined a sorority. I came from a household where I was frequently advised against them – they were expensive, for snobs, etc.… Read more →

Booster Rockets: Engagement

What has worked with me for booster rockets? With Alissa, a dinner once every month or two works well. With Tonya, we make appointments for Google Hangout – it usually ends in hysterical laughter. With Cynthia, who is quite good at helping me through the “what the hell was that?” reactions to human experience, seeing […] Read more →

Supplies: 5 Fuse Lighters

Fuse lighters – popularly known as muses – are people that inspire you/get you all excited to create. There usually is a sexual energy to it, an attraction: most of the time, you are supposed to use this attraction to create, rather than, to, ah…create. This particular meditation is great for me. One of the […] Read more →