June is Pagan values month!

Ethic-Eze by Qui©he.

on flickr, created by Qui(c)he

Pax at Chrysalis has declared June  “Pagan values month” because it’s hight time we did start a discussion about what pagan – or neopagan – morals and values are about. I’m posting this as a rought outline for myself, as it fits in with some postings I’ve intended to write for a long time. I may come back and link to the posts as they get written.

I. My sexual ethos under my patron Eros.

II. Theft

III. Murder/Death/Killing/Euthenasia

IV. The ethos of courtesy

V. The ethos of education and knowledge

VI. Protecting those who can’t protect themselves

VII. Self-defense

VIII. Humility

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